The Appraiser’s Diary: Explore Colorado This November

By Rachel Hoffman
   We all want to have fun. It’s a well-known fact, but it’s an unexplained instinct. What is fun? And how do we have it? Our personality, values, and age influence what we consider and do for fun. Some people always stay within their comfort zone thereby maintaining a certain dignity. Others are risk-takers and will try new things. “Fun” is a human necessity.
   Fun satisfies us physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Seek your rewards in life and appreciate life fully. Let’s explore where we live — Colorado — which has been called America’s favorite playground. As the leaves change, and the air grows crisper, I have had the itch to explore Colorado a little more. Here’s some categories to dig up some FUN!


   There is something inherently wonderful and healthy about changing climates. Constant heat, cold, air pressure, and scenery make the brain slumber. If traveling is your passion, you are fully justified by the facts of life. Colorado is a great place to visit for its climate and scenery. Colorado encompasses much of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Tour the various cities and towns of the region. Some of my favorites are Aspen, Breckenridge, Vail, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Rocky Mountain National Park.


   Colorado has all sorts of interesting shops and boutiques. Fine art, jewelry, antiques, Western apparel, crafts, and toys. You can bring home some of Colorado’s gold or silver. Restaurants serve delicious and nutritious foods to give you the energy for shopping. Try some of the cherries, apples, and peaches from orchards of mountain farmers. Check local event listings for apple and chocolate festivals which are popular this time of year.


   If you want to get physical, Colorado offers you many opportunities. Skiing, hiking trail, mountain climbing, fishing, horseback riding, and dances are just a few events to keep the adrenaline flowing.


   Watching others achieve goals or score points brings hope and excites the imagination. The University of Colorado Buffaloes unites an enthusiastic and loyal group of people. Listening to singers and watching actors heighten our awareness of self. Events that get the heart beating faster strengthen it. Attend a rodeo and ride in a stagecoach. Opera, theater, concert, and cinema lovers will have great fun here. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is always offering several spectacular show options. I also enjoy visiting local theater groups like The Bug Theater and Downtown Littleton Mainstreet theater.


   Colorado has a rich history discoverable at historic sites and monuments, which can be researched in local libraries. Fine art, natural history, and transportation museums here tell a wonderful story. Catch the new Rembrandt exhibit happening now through January at the Denver Art Museum.
   Be among the thousands of visitors who vacation in Colorado. Make it a must to enjoy the state you live in — Colorado, America’s Centennial State.


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