From Flea Markets to Antique Shops

Depositphotos_56309807_l-2015-1By Rachel Hoffman

In cities and towns all across the country amazing sales are happening bringing people together to shop for antiques and vintage items and to socialize. While shopping on the Internet is convenient, there is no substitute for the pleasure and experience you’ll gain frequenting antique shops and flea markets. You can enjoy meeting people from various walks of life at flea markets, as the young and old negotiate prices and learn about history and crafts.


At flea markets and antique shops you’ll find items you haven’t seen for years and unique items you didn’t know had ever been manufactured. In fact there is a good chance you’ll find something that will motivate you to make a fresh start in your shopping practices and for collecting special items.


There are many interesting things at flea markets and antique shops, enjoyable to collect, from various time periods and parts of the world. Some items are easy-to-find collectibles; others are rare. A type of glass or bisque figurine, a piece of furniture or an article of clothing, a photograph or a toy, sports gear or some kitchenware can open new horizons to the avid collector as well as to the beginner.


world-wide-antique-and-vintage-show-88There is a good chance you’ll find inspiration at an antique shop or flea market. Even though flea markets across the country have much in common, each one has a special character influenced by climate and locality. It’s exciting how a flea market or an antique shop in one state will differ somewhat from one in another state.


Become a flea market and antique shop enthusiast. Acquire what you have a passion for.  Put yourself in a position to make a great score. My guess is that you’ll be amazed at how much skill and luck you have.


Don’t get thrown off by a regional title. The name “flea market” is a general term. Be sure to investigate possible markets. A flea market may happen under another name such as a “bazaar” or “fair.” A group of “yard sales” in one locality is not something you should overlook. You’ll be surprised by the professionals selling antiques at markets. You can find a lot of the shows in your area from this newspaper or a quick Google search.


If you are looking for a fantastic grouping of antique shops in one place, of course, visit Denver’s Antique Row on the 1100-1800 blocks of South Broadway. I also recommend the World Wide Antique Show at the Denver Merchandise Mart that is happening April 7-9th. If you want free tickets, stop in my shop on 1475 South Broadway and I will be glad to give you two for the show!


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