The New Year Gives Antiques Special Meaning

Rachel G. HoffmanBy Rachel Hoffman


January 1st is a holiday in many countries and waiting up on December 31 to welcome in the New Year at midnight is a great tradition. Around the world, in each time zone, exciting happenings are taking place with joyous celebrations with fireworks in the air.


World-famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower in France, are lit up. Music venues have great performances planned.  People everywhere reflect on the happy and sad events of the past year, make resolutions to live better lives, and gather and celebrate in a spirit of friendship and peace. Strong feelings will result in much hugging and laughter through tears. And many people will sing their favorite songs, for example, “Auld Lang Syne.”


????????????????????????????????????????????????Notably, partygoers in Times Square, New York City, cheer the impending arrival of the New Year. A crowd of about a million people will be counting down the hours to 2017. Many Americans at home and abroad watched the event on television.


Collectors of vintage and antique items see special meaning in the turning of the calendar year. They have studied the marvelous effects of time on styles and crafts. They have collected and preserved everything from impressive masterpieces to unique dolls and toys of yesteryear. Their heirlooms will be a year older.


Antiques once belonging to grandparents and to individuals of generations ago have a solemnity on New Year’s Day. Speaking to us from a distant past, antiques and vintage items tell amazing stories. The ticking of the clock brings antique collectors subliminal joy. Denver antique dealer Sally Starr had some great words on antiques, “One of the best things about antiques is they preserve our past but also reveal our history, who we are and what we want as a people…what is important to us.”


Depositphotos_18183541_l-2015This New Year you can discover distant years kept alive by browsing the antique and vintage items on Denver’s Antique Row. There are antique pieces that fascinate everyone.  If you are a collector, what better way is there to affirm your interests than by purchasing something appealing for this special day? The New Year is an ideal time to begin collecting or to add items to an existing collection.


Happy New Year from Rachel, Peyton, Murray…and the newest guy which you will meet in the next article!


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PS: Murray is enjoying his new home! You can visit him at Turn of the Century Antiques at 1475 South Broadway on Denver’s Antique Row.

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